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Effective Communication With Patients Is Critical for Improved Quality of Life, Lower Costs

Repeated active discussions with patients about distress, treatment options, and goals can both reduce costs and help to identify when aggressive treatment is no longer ...

Should Nicotinamide Be Used for Melanoma Prevention?

Nicotinamide, a form of vitamin B3 (niacin), may be an effective chemopreventive agent for patients at high risk for developing skin cancer

Knowledge of Immunotherapies in Melanoma Continues to Grow

Clinicians continue to learn about which patients will benefit most from different immunotherapy treatments, and how dosing can effect adverse events.

Liquid Biopsies for Circulating Tumor Cells: A New Prognostic Tool?

While liquid biopsies could prove successful in monitoring treatments, these tests might also find early-stage cancers that, left alone, would never progress.

Melanoma Vaccine Trial Yields Promising Results

Developments in deep sequencing genomic technologies and bioinformatics have made it possible to identify mutations in melanoma and to predict targetable neoantigens.

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