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Corn/callus (singular: callus, callosity, tyloma; plural: callosities, tylomas, tylomata) Clavus (clavi; singular: clavus, corn, heloma; plural: corns, helomas, helomata)

Are You Confident of the Diagnosis? Characteristic findings on physical examination Corns (clavi) are very well demarcated and usually are less than 1.5cm in diameter (Figure 1, Figure 2). Clavi may be further classified as a hard clavus (heloma durum) or a soft clavus (heloma mole). Calluses are poorly demarcated and can be of any…

Nevus Comedonicus

Are You Confident of the Diagnosis? What you should be alert for in the history About half of the cases are apparent at birth, with the remainder arising before puberty, especially in the first ten years of life. A very few sporadic cases have been reported in later years, usually following irritation or trauma at…

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