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Acute myelocytic leukemia (acute myeloblastic leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia)

I. What every physician needs to know. Acute myelocytic leukemia (AML) is a disorder of uncontrolled proliferation of undifferentiated myeloid precursor cells. This leads to accumulation of immature myeloid cells, myeloblasts, in the bone marrow and usually their presence in the peripheral blood. Acute leukemias are differentiated from chronic leukemias by the predominance of the…


Pancytopenia I. Problem/Condition Pancytopenia is defined by low counts of all cell lines including leukocytes, erythrocytes, and platelets. II. Diagnostic Approach A. What is the differential diagnosis for this problem? Given pancytopenia is a sign, not a particular diagnosis, it has a broad differential diagnosis. These diagnoses can be broadly divided between inherited and acquired…

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