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Diagnostic Bronchoscopy

General description of procedure, equipment, technique This presentation provides a brief overview of diagnostic bronchoscopy, with a focus on the flexible fiberoptic technique. The first direct endoscopic examination of the larynx was performed by Kirstein in 1895. Two years later, Gustav Killian, the “father of bronchoscopy,” investigated the lower trachea and main bronchi using Kirstein’s…

Mediastinal Tumors

What every physician needs to know MEDIASTINAL COMPARTMENTS The mediastinum is an anatomic space in the chest located between the two pleural spaces, behind the posterior sternal table, extending superiorly to the thoracic inlet, posteriorly to the anterior longitudinal ligament of the spine and paraspinal sulci, and inferiorly to the diaphragm. Continue Reading The three-compartment…

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