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OVERVIEW: What every practitioner needs to know Are you sure your patient has a hydrocele? What are the typical findings for this disease? Hydrocele is an accumulation of fluid within the processus vaginalis/tunica vaginalis. In scrotal hydroceles, the processus vaginalis is contiguous with the tunica vaginalis. Hydroceles can be classified as communicating, noncommunicating, or hydrocele…

Vesicoureteral reflux

OVERVIEW: What every practitioner needs to know Vesicoureteral reflux (VUR ) is the retrograde flow of urine from the bladder into the ureters and kidneys. It is the most common urologic pathology in children, occurring in about 1% of newborns and 30%-40% of young patients with a UTI. In neonates with prenatal hydronephrosis, the prevalence…

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