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Clostridium difficile infection

I. What every physician needs to know. Clostridium difficile is an anaerobic gram-positive, spore-forming, toxin-producing bacillus that causes a toxin-mediated diarrhea and colitis in susceptible persons, and is transmitted through the fecal-oral route. The pathogenesis is related to the disruption of normal intestinal flora as a result of antibiotic therapy. The two exotoxins (TcdA and…

Brain abscess

Brain abscess I. What every physician needs to know. A brain abscess is an infection in the brain parenchyma that begins as a localized area of cerebritis and develops into a collection of purulent material surrounded by a well-vascularized capsule. Abscesses can be caused by bacteria, fungi or parasites. Solitary or multiple abscesses can be…

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