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Malignant Lymphoproliferative Disorders of the Lung (Low-grade B-cell lymphoma of BALT, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of the lung, lymphomatoid granulomatosis, post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder, primary effusion lymphoma, pyothorax-associated lymphoma, pulmonary involvement by leukemia or lymphoma, rare hematologic malignancies presenting in the lung, primary pulmonary AIDS-related lymphoma)

What every physician needs to know: Malignant lymphoproliferative disorders encompass a spectrum of disorders with varied clinical, radiographic and pathologic features. Recognition of the distinct diseases is important, as appropriate therapy is dependent upon accurate classification. While usually presenting as a mass or nodule(s), some diseases may mimic interstitial lung disease. Low-grade lymphoma of the…

Benign Lymphoproliferative Disorders of the Lung (Benign intraparenchymal lymph nodes, Nodular lymphoid hyperplasia, Follicular bronchiolitis, Lymphoid interstitial pneumonitis, IgG4 sclerosing disease)

What every physician needs to know: Benign lymphoproliferative disorders of the lung include: Benign intraparenchymal lymph nodes Nodular lymphoid hyperplasiaContinue Reading Follicular bronchiolitis Lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia (LIP) IgG4-related sclerosing disease These conditions represent distinct histologic patterns that are characterized by hyperplasia of the bronchial-associated lymphoid tissue (BALT). LIP and follicular bronchiolitis often present as diffuse…

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