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Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction

How can I be sure that the patient has sphincter of Oddi dysfunction? The most common symptoms are epigastric pain; right upper quadrant pain, sometimes radiating through or around to the back; more rarely, left upper quadrant pain; and nausea. Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction (SOD) can present in two main ways: (1) the postcholecystectomy pain…

Unexplained biliary pain

How do you define unexplained biliary pain? – Patients with gallbladder-type symptoms and gallbladder in situ, but with no gallbladder stones or sludge apparent on imaging, generally with abnormal gallbladder emptying on scintigraphy. – Patients who are postcholecystectomy and have unexplained biliary pain are discussed under the chapter, “Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction.” Biliary dyskinesia; gallbadder…

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