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Kikuchi Fugimoto

Kikuchi-Fujimoto Disease I. What every physician needs to know. Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease (also known as Kikuchi disease or histiocytic necrotizing lymphadenitis), is a disease characterized by widespread lymphadenopathy. The disease derives its names from the two Japanese scientists who independently described the classical constellation of signs and symptoms in 1972. The disease is common in Japan…


Hemoptysis I. Problem/Condition. Hemoptysis, which literally means “spitting up blood”, is clinically used to describe expectoration of bloody sputum. II. Diagnostic Approach A. What is the differential diagnosis for this problem? Hemoptysis is associated with a myriad of pulmonary conditions including infection, malignancy, vascular abnormalities, injury, and vasculitis. Infections include bacterial pneumonia, fungal infections, tuberculosis,…

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