Lauren Burke, Author at Cancer Therapy Advisor
Lauren Burke

Lauren Burke

Associate Director, Editorial Services
Lauren Burke is an experienced editor and writer with a specialty in the field of oncology. She currently serves as the associate director of editorial services for the Haymarket Medical Network, which entails managing and directing a team on data-driven decision making, specialty content creation, and day-to-day efforts for Cancer Therapy Advisor, Oncology Nurse Advisor, Renal and Urology News, and Hematology Advisor. Lauren is passionate about working collaboratively to create news and feature articles, case studies, quizzes, and clinical tools that inform health care providers about important updates in patient care. Before her role at Haymarket Media, she worked at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) where she was the managing editor of the PubMed-indexed ASCO Educational Book.

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