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Peptic ulcer disease

1. Description of the problem What every clinician needs to know While the incidence of peptic ulcer disease (PUD) has dropped significantly, it still is a common problem. Over the past 25 years, with the advent of H2-blocking agents and proton-pump inhibitors and the diagnosis and treatment of H. pylori infections, PUD has been changed…

Atheroembolic disease, Atheromatous Embolic Disease; Cholesterol Crystal Embolism; Micro-Embolic Atherosclerotic Disease; Cholesterol Embolism; Blue Toe Syndrome; Purple Toe Syndrome; Multiple Cholesterol Emboli Syndrome; Pseudovasculitic Syndrome

1. Description of the problem Atheroembolic disease is a grouping of different end organ effects leading from one common etiology – the dislodging of arterial cholesterol plaque with distal embolization causing ischemia or infarction of the end organ involved. Atheromatous embolization is a complication of advanced atherosclerotic disease that can have effects ranging from no…

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