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Anti-Neutrophils Cytoplasmic Antibodies (ANCA) Associated Vasculitis

At a Glance Anti-neutrophils cytoplasmic antibodies (ANCA) are associated with a group of necrotizing small vessel vasculitides that usually have a paucity of vascular deposition of immunoglobulin and complement. This distinguishes ANCA associated disease from disease caused by anti-glomerular membrane antibodies and disease caused by immune complexes, both of which have deposition of pathogenic immune…

Hypersensitivity Vasculitis

At a Glance Hypersensitivity (‘allergic’) vasculitis, which is less used now, is a generic term for small vessel cutaneous vasculitis affecting capillaries, venules, or arterioles. It includes mainly cutaneous leukocytoclastic angiitis and cryoglobulinemic vasculitis. Immune complex-mediated damage of the vessel wall is the main pathogenic factor. However, additional pathogenic factors may be present and can…

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