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Management of Recurrent Anterior Shoulder Instability

The Problem Recurrent shoulder instability is a difficult problem arising from a destabilizing injury to the static and dynamic anterior restraints of the glenohumeral joint. The most common lesion found in anterior instability is an avulsion of the anteroinferior capsulolabral structures from the glenoid rim (Bankart lesion). Recurrent shoulder dislocation events may also result in…

Evaluation and Management of Multidirectional Glenohumeral Instability

The Problem Multidirectional instability (MDI) of the shoulder is a difficult problem consisting of symptomatic inferior and anterior/posterior hyperlaxity. The mainstay of treatment is conservative management consisting of postural and periscapular stabilization rehabilitation exercises. For those patients who fail a trial of conservative management, both arthroscopic and open techniques have been described. Clinical Presentation The…

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