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Michelle Dalton, ELS, is an award-winning health care journalist based in Reading, PA. 

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Predictive biomarkers may be the key to unlock the success of anti-angiogenic agents for a subset of

Phthalates and Postmenopausal Breast Cancer

Phthalate biomarker concentrations did not result in an increased risk of developing invasive breast cancer, according to results from a prospective subgroup analysis of women enrolled in the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI).1  Although the study authors didn’t observe a large increase in invasive breast cancer risk as concentrations of phthalate biomarkers increased, they also “weren’t able…

Tumor Hypoxia and Breast Cancer Risk

A well-known means to differentiate between normal and malignant tumors is tissue hypoxia, and a recent study confirmed “extensive intertumor- and intratumor-type heterogeneity in tumor hypoxia” in 8006 tumors across 19 tumor types.The study authors noted “subsets of patients with a range of solid tumors with genetic instability may benefit from hypoxia-targeting therapy.”For community oncologists, study…

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