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Fungal Infections (Candida/molds); Candidemia, Invasive candidiasis, Candida bloodstream infection

Candidemia in the ICU Candidemia, Invasive candidiasis, candida bloodstream infection Continue Reading Sepsis 1. Description of the problem Scope of the Problem Candida species represent the fourth most common bloodstream infections in hospitals. Candida species cause 8-10% of all nosocomial bloodstream infections. Rates of candidemia are highest in the ICU : 1-4% of all patients.…

Infections in Neutropenic Patient

1. Description of the problem What every clinician needs to know Fever during chemotherapy-induced neutropenia must be rapidly evaluated and treated. Other signs and symptoms of infection may be absent in the neutropenic host. Continue Reading Failure to start appropriated empiric antibiotics is associated with an unacceptably high morbidity and mortality Guidelines and algorithms have…

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