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Can the Type of Breast Cancer Surgery Affect Psychosocial Health in Young Patients?

Breast cancer is an incredibly fraught experience for patients. Even beyond the diagnosis and treatment, the experience can create emotional issues that linger long after remission. Patients can have issues related to body image that can dramatically affect their self-esteem and sexuality as they work to regain a sense of normality in their daily lives.…

Can Earlier Mammographic Screenings Affect Mortality Rates?

When should women begin getting mammograms? Guidance can vary based on an individual’s family history or other high-risk identifiers, but physicians advise that women get screened for breast cancer consistently by at least age 50. However, a recent study out of the United Kingdom suggests that starting breast cancer screenings earlier could have a large…

Is the Increase in Teen Vaping Affecting Lung Cancer Rates?

E-cigarette use among teens and young people has been a medical concern ever since the product hit the market. By 2018, the US Surgeon General had referred to vaping as an “epidemic,” and the US Food and Drug Administration has spent years working to regulate the e-cigarette industry to try and curtail use. Even still,…

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