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Thoracentesis, Pleural Biopsy, and Thoracic Ultrasound

General description of procedure, equipment, technique Thoracentesis is a percutaneous procedure in which a needle or catheter is passed into the pleural space for evacuation of pleural fluid. Most pleural effusions with a depth of greater than 1 cm (as determined by lateral decubitus chest radiography or ultrasound) may be safely tapped using a small-gauge…

Respiratory Failure in Obesity

Acute Respiratory Failure in the Obese Patient Hypercapneic Respiratory Failure in the Obese Patient Continue Reading Acute Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure in the Obese Patient Postoperative Respiratory Failure Following Bariatric Surgery Postoperative Respiratory Failure Following Non-bariatric Surgery Respiratory Failure in the Bariatric Surgery Recipient Failure to Liberate from Mechanical Ventilation in the Obese Patient Synonyms Acute…

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