Thyroid disease:

Indications for: CYTOMEL


Adult Dosage:

Hypothyroidism: initially 25mcg daily; may increase by up to 25mcg every 1–2 weeks; usual maintenance 25–75mcg daily. Myxedema, simple goiter: initially 5mcg daily; may increase by 5–10mcg daily every 1–2 weeks to 25mcg daily, then may increase by 5–25mcg every 1–2 weeks (myxedema) or by 12.5 or 25mcg daily every 1–2 weeks (simple goiter). Maintenance: myxedema: 50–100mcg/day; simple goiter: 75mcg/day.

Children Dosage:

Initially 5mcg daily; may increase by 5mcg daily every 3–4 days. Cretinism: maintenance dose: <1yr: 20mcg/day. 1–3yrs: 50mcg/day. >3yrs: as adult.

CYTOMEL Contraindications:

Uncorrected adrenocortical insufficiency. Untreated thyrotoxicosis.

Boxed Warning:

Larger doses particularly when given concomitantly with sympathomimetic amines for anorectic effects may produce serious or life-threatening toxicity.

CYTOMEL Warnings/Precautions:

Not for treatment of obesity or infertility (unless with hypothyroidism). Cardiovascular disease, angina, elderly: use lower initial dose. Adrenocortical insufficiency. Diabetes. Monitor for craniosynostosis in infants. Pregnancy (Cat.A). Nursing mothers.

CYTOMEL Classification:

T3 (synthetic).

CYTOMEL Interactions:

Monitor oral anticoagulants, hypoglycemics, digoxin. Estrogens affect thyroid function tests. Monitor for hypertension with ketamine. Toxicity with larger doses of sympathomimetics (eg, anorectics).

Adverse Reactions:

Hyperthyroidism, transient hair loss in children.

How Supplied: