Miscellaneous urogenital disorders:

Indications for: DEFLUX

Vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) grades II–IV in children.

Adult Dosage:

Not applicable.

Children Dosage:

<1yr: not recommended. ≥1yr: see literature. Must use Deflux metal needle for administration. Inject submucosally in urinary bladder near the ureteral orifice.

DEFLUX Contraindications:

Non-functional kidney. Hutch diverticulum. Ureterocele. Active voiding dysfunction. Ongoing UTI.

DEFLUX Warnings/Precautions:

Do not inject intravascularly. Must be administered by qualified surgeon experienced in the use of cystoscope and trained in subureteric injection procedures. Use of >6mL (3mL at each ureteral orifice) at same treatment session: not recommended. Treatment of duplex systems has not been studied. Ureters with grossly dilated orifices. Infection and bleeding risks associated with cystoscopic procedure.

Adverse Reactions:

UTI, ureteral dilatation, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain.

How Supplied:

Single-use syringe (1mL)—1