Indications for: ENSURE READY TO USE

Oral nutritional supplement (eg, nutritional deficiency, weight loss, recovering from illness or surgery, low residue diets). Occasional meal replacement. Between meal snack. Sole source feeding.

Adults and Children:

Provides 250Cal/8 oz. Pwd: add ½ cup of powder to ¾ cup of cold water for one 8oz serving. For seven 8 oz servings: add 1 can of powder to 5 ¼ cups cold water. Stir, whisk until dissolved. May use blender or mixer at lowest speed for 30 sec. Refrigerate mixed powder until served.

ENSURE READY TO USE Classification:

Medical nutritional supplement.

How Supplied:

Ensure Ready to Use (cans, bottles)—8oz, 32oz; Pwd (cans)—14 oz; Pudding (cups)—4 oz