Indications for: ISTALOL

Open-angle glaucoma. Ocular hypertension.

Adult Dosage:

1 drop in affected eye(s) once daily in the AM.

Children Dosage:

Not recommended.

ISTALOL Contraindications:

Greater than 1st-degree AV block. Overt cardiac failure. Cardiogenic shock. Sinus bradycardia. Bronchial asthma. Severe COPD. History of bronchospasm. Not for use as a sole agent in angle-closure glaucoma.

ISTALOL Warnings/Precautions:

History of cardiac failure. Discontinue at 1st sign of cardiac failure, and before surgery. Avoid abrupt cessation. Diabetes. May mask hypoglycemia, thyrotoxicosis. Myasthenia gravis. Cerebrovascular insufficiency. Contact lenses (remove; may reinsert 15 min after instillation). Pregnancy (Cat.C). Nursing mothers: not recommended.

ISTALOL Classification:

Noncardioselective beta-blocker.

ISTALOL Interactions:

Avoid other topical β-blockers. May potentiate systemic β-blockers, reserpine, hypoglycemics, and mydriatic effect of topical epinephrine. May be potentiated by quinidine. May cause conduction defects with digoxin, calcium channel blockers (avoid concomitant use in impaired cardiac function).

Adverse Reactions:

Local irritation (burning, stinging), blurred vision, cataract, conjunctival injection, infection, headache, hypertension, itching. Systemic β-blocker effects (eg, bronchospasm, bradycardia, cardiac failure, muscle weakness).

How Supplied: