Miscellaneous diagnostic tests:

Indications for: KINEVAC

To stimulate gallbladder contraction, as may be assessed by various methods of diagnostic imaging, or to obtain by duodenal aspiration a sample of concentrated bile for analysis of cholesterol, bile salts, phospholipids, and crystals. To stimulate pancreatic secretion (especially in conjunction with secretin) prior to obtaining a duodenal aspirate for analysis of enzyme activity, composition, and cytology. To accelerate the transit of a barium meal through the small bowel, thereby decreasing the time and extent of radiation associated with fluoroscopy and x-ray examination of the intestinal tract.

Adult Dosage:

Give by IV inj. Gallbladder contraction: 0.02mcg/kg over 30–60secs; if unsatisfactory contraction after 15mins, may give second dose of 0.04mcg/kg. Pancreatic function test: 0.02mcg/kg infused over 30mins (start 30mins after secretin infusion). Barium meal transit: 0.04mcg/kg over 30–60secs; if unsatisfactory transit of barium meal after 30mins, may give second dose of 0.04mcg/kg.

Children Dosage:

Not established.

KINEVAC Contraindications:

Intestinal obstruction.

KINEVAC Warnings/Precautions:

Have appropriate medical treatment readily available. Monitor for hypersensitivity reactions; discontinue if occur and do not restart. Small gallbladder stones (risk of lodging in cystic duct or common bile duct; rare). Labor & delivery. Pregnancy (Cat.B); spontaneous abortion or premature induction of labor may occur, do not give to women near term. Nursing mothers.

KINEVAC Classification:

Cholecystopancreatic-gastrointestinal hormone peptide.

Adverse Reactions:

Abdominal discomfort/pain, nausea; anaphylaxis, other hypersensitivity reactions.

How Supplied: