Miscellaneous dermatological conditions:

Indications for: MEDERMA SCAR CREAM + SPF 30

Prevention of sunburn while improving scar appearance.

Adults and Children:

<6 months: not recommended. ≥6 months: apply at least 3 times daily. New scars: use for 8 weeks. Existing scars: use for 3–6 months. Sunscreen use: apply 15 mins before sun exposure; reapply every 2hrs.

MEDERMA SCAR CREAM + SPF 30 Warnings/Precautions:

Not for use on deep or puncture wounds, damaged or broken skin, animal bites, or serious burns. Avoid eyes. Reevaluate if condition worsens or persists >7 days.

Adverse Reactions:

Swelling, scar discoloration, severe itching; discontinue immediately if occurs.

How Supplied:

Gel—20g, 50g; Crm—20g