Seizure disorders:

Indications for: MYSOLINE

Tonic-clonic, focal and psychomotor seizures.

Adult Dosage:

Initially: 100–125mg at bedtime. Increase every 3 days if needed by 100–125mg daily to 3 times daily on day 7. On day 10, increase to 250mg 3 times daily; max 2g daily in divided doses.

Children Dosage:

<8yrs: initially 50mg at bedtime. On day 4, increase if needed to 50mg twice daily. On day 7, to 100mg twice daily. On day 10, to 125–250mg 3 times daily. Usual maintenance: 100–250mg 3 times daily or 10–25mg/kg/day in divided doses. ≥8yrs: as adult.

MYSOLINE Contraindications:

Porphyria. Barbiturate hypersensitivity.

MYSOLINE Warnings/Precautions:

Impaired liver function. Change dose gradually. Monitor blood counts, electrolytes. Pregnancy. Nursing mothers.

MYSOLINE Classification:


MYSOLINE Interactions:

Potentiated with alcohol and other CNS depressants. Antagonizes oral anticoagulants and contraceptives, steroids, Vit. K and D, griseofulvin, doxycycline. Variable effects with phenytoin, valproic acid, divalproex. Potentiated by MAOIs. Antagonizes tricyclic antidepressants.

Adverse Reactions:

Drowsiness, ataxia, dizziness, nystagmus, neonatal hemorrhage and withdrawal, nausea, vomiting, rash, megaloblastic anemia sensitive to folic acid, emotional disorders, impotence.

How Supplied:

Tabs 50mg—100, 500; 250mg—100, 1000