Indications for: PEDIALYTE

Oral fluid and electrolyte replacement in mild to moderate diarrhea and vomiting.

Children Dosage:

<1yr: see literature. ≥1yr: consume 1–2L/day for as long as diarrhea continues.

PEDIALYTE Contraindications:

As sole therapy in severe continuing diarrhea. Intractable vomiting. Adynamic ileus. Intestinal obstruction or perforated bowel. Anuria, oliguria, or impaired homeostatic mechanism.

PEDIALYTE Classification:

Fluid & electrolyte replacement.

How Supplied:

Liq (flavored)—1L; Liq (unflavored)—2oz, 1L; Singles (6.8oz)—16; Pwd (packets)—4, 8; Pops—16