Viral infections:

Indications for: RELENZA

Treatment of uncomplicated acute illness due to influenza A and B virus in patients ≥7 years of age who have been symptomatic for no more than two days. Prophylaxis of influenza in patients ≥5 years of age.

Adults and Children:

Use supplied Diskhaler inhalation device. Complete course of treatment. Treatment: <7yrs: not established. ≥7yrs: 2 inh (10mg total) twice daily (at least 2 hrs apart) on 1st day; then 2 inh (10mg total) twice daily at 12-hr intervals for the next 4 days (5 days total). Prophylaxis: <5yrs: not established. ≥5yrs: 2 inh (10mg total) once daily. Household: use for 10 days. Community: use for 28 days.

RELENZA Contraindications:

Milk protein allergy.

RELENZA Warnings/Precautions:

Underlying airway disease (eg, asthma, COPD): not recommended; if used, patient must have a fast-acting bronchodilator available. Discontinue if bronchospasm or decline in respiratory function occurs or worsens. Do not use for prophylaxis in nursing home setting. Monitor for signs of abnormal behavior (esp. in children). High-risk underlying medical conditions. Pregnancy. Nursing mothers.

RELENZA Classification:

Neuraminidase inhibitor.

RELENZA Interactions:

If an inhaled bronchodilator is scheduled for dosing at the same time, use the bronchodilator first. Caution with influenza virus vaccine live, intranasal (eg, FluMist); separate dosing by at least 48hrs before or 2 weeks after FluMist. May maintain normal influenza virus vaccine schedule.

Adverse Reactions:

Sinusitis, dizziness, fever/chills, arthralgia, articular rheumatism; bronchospasm, allergic reactions (eg, oropharyngeal edema), possible neuropsychiatric events (eg, seizures, confusion, abnormal behavior).

How Supplied:

Rotadisk (4 blisters)—5 (w. 1 Diskhaler)