Digestive and biliary disorders:

Indications for: RELiZORB

To hydrolyze fats in enteral formula in patients ≥5yrs.

Adults and Children:

<5yrs: not established. ≥5yrs: use with enteral pump flow rates 24–120mL/hr. Use 1 cartridge for up to 500mL of enteral formula; if formula volume >500mL, may install a second cartridge for use immediately; max 2 cartridges per 24hr period. If formula volume <500mL per feeding, discard cartridge after use. For compatible enteral formulas, pumps, feed sets, and pump extension sets: see full labeling.

RELiZORB Warnings/Precautions:

For use with enteral feeding only. Do not connect to any IV line, set up, or system. Do not reuse. Not for use with gravity feed systems. Monitor patients with fibrosing colonopathy; may progress to stricture formation. Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency: not studied.

RELiZORB Classification:

Digestive enzymes.

RELiZORB Interactions:

Avoid enteral formulas containing insoluble fiber. Do not administer or add other medications through the cartridge or to the enteral feed line (in between the pump and cartridge). Concomitant porcine pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy: not studied.

Generic Drug Availability:


How Supplied:

Single-use cartridge—1