Patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) with a history of prior malignancies and treated with frontline tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) appear to have similar outcomes as compared with those without prior malignancies, according to a study published in Cancer.1

Although some patients with CML have a history of prior malignancies, the outcomes for these patients are not well defined. For the present study, investigators analyzed data from 630 patients treated with first-line TKIs, of which 626 had a known prior malignancy status. Of those, 7% had a prior malignancy other than nonmelanoma skin cancer and 3% had a history of nonmelanoma skin cancers only.

Twenty patients had nonmelanoma skin cancer, 11 had breast cancer, 7 had melanoma, 6 had prostate cancer, and 5 had colorectal cancer.

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Baseline characteristics were similar among patients with no prior malignancy, those with a prior malignancy, and those with nonmelanoma skin cancer, though patients with a prior malignancy had an older median age than the other 2 groups.

The study showed that event-free survival, transformation-free survival, and failure-free survival rates were similar between the patient groups. Survival was, however, significantly poorer among patients with a prior malignancy compared with those with no prior malignancy and those with a prior history of nonmelanoma skin cancer.

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After adjusting for confounding factors, the study demonstrated that advanced age and an increased creatinine level were associated with decreased survival following a diagnosis of CML.

TKIs were safety administered with concomitant therapy in the few instances when patients with CML required treatment for other malignancies.        


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