The Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) has launched the Institute for Clinical Immuno-Oncology (ICLIO) in order to promote the advancement of access to immuno-oncology therapies, particularly in the community care setting.

To facilitate the adoption of immuno-oncology in the community cancer setting, ICLIO will educate medical professionals on the best practices for integrating immuno-oncology into clinical care, insurance and reimbursement, social work, and patient access to novel treatment options.

Resources for the multidisciplinary team include a monthly e-newsletter, monthly e-courses, the ICLIO Scholars Program, the ICLIO White Paper, and the ICLIO National Education Conference.

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Providers with membership to ACCC, who are estimated to treat over 60% of all patients with cancer, will also have access to ICLIO. 

ICLIO is chaired by Lee S. Schwartzberg, MD, FACP, Chief of the Division of Hematology and Oncology at The West Clinic and Professor of Medicine at the University of Tennessee in Memphis.