A series of 3 articles just published in The Lancet discuss the present and future challenges of breast and cervical cancers globally.1-3 Each article of the series covers a different aspect of this issue, ranging from geographical mapping of cancer mortality to global policy and proposed interventions.

Every year, 2 million women are diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer, though geographical location is an unfortunately accurate predictor of mortality. Low and middle income countries register 67% of cervical cancer deaths per year, and 90% of breast cancer deaths.

Each article of the series gives different recommendations for reducing the global inequality of breast and cervical cancer mortality. Randomized trials demonstrate that cost-effective strategies, including human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination and testing, clinical breast examination screening, and even just improved awareness can dramatically improve cancer-related mortality.

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To prevent the now-predicted dramatic increases of breast and cervical cancer deaths worldwide by 2030, political bodies and health care policy leaders must make a major financial commitment to ensure that women in all areas have sufficient access to the appropriate vaccinations, examinations, and treatments.


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