In 2014, Aki Alzubaidi, MD, an interventional pulmonologist, diagnosed a patient with stage IV lung cancer. Frustrated at the lack of a care coordination system that might help clinicians catch lung cancer at an earlier stage, he set out to create a way to get healthcare providers the data they need when they need it.1

Alzubaidi went on to create Eon, a healthcare data company, and its cloud-based lung cancer screening application, EonDirect.

EonDirect aims to simplify patient management from intake through diagnosis by providing an efficient way for healthcare providers to collect, curate, and distribute relevant data to clinicians and patients. The software platform flags abnormal findings to identify at-risk patients, automates the flow of data, integrates with the electronic health record, and submits registry information to the American College of Radiology’s Lung Cancer Screening Registry™.

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The technology is already in use in multiple hospitals including the Cleveland Clinic and 8 Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) hospitals. The company has secured investments from former IBM executive and Akamai Technologies CEO George Conrades and Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank host Mark Cuban.2

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Moving forward, Eon intends to expand beyond lung cancer into other disease states. Alzubaidi explains, “We want to help facilitate the management of all incidental nodules, catch complex disease at earlier states, and improve the survivability of those patient populations.”1


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