Weekly treatment with nab-paclitaxel was generally well-tolerated, as adverse events were similar in patients ≥70 years old vs the entire study population, with fewer grade 3/4 neutropenia events (P<0.05) and neuropathy events (P<0.05), in the nab-P/C vs sb-P/C arms. This study represented a unique standalone observation in that there were not a lot of other NSCLC presentations at ASCO 2012 that focused on the influence of different types of chemotherapy on the elderly population.

Dr. Socinski concluded: “From this subgroup analysis, it is a win-win situation for the older patients because of the better survival rates and toxicity profile that is a bit more favorable.” However, he added that “the nab-paclitaxel was delivered on a weekly basis and the solvent-based paclitaxel was delivered every 3 weeks. So, even though there was difference in schedule in the randomization, I don’t think that weekly schedules are really a significant drawback to every 3 week schedules anymore.” This study was recently published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

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