Title: Randomized Trial of Stepped Palliative Care Versus Early Integrated Palliative Care in Patients With Advanced Lung Cancer1

Principal Investigator: Jennifer Temel, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital

Description: For this randomized study, researchers are evaluating whether early integrated palliative care yields superior quality of life outcomes to stepped palliative care among patients with advanced small-cell lung cancer, non–small cell lung cancer, or mesothelioma being treated with non-curative intent.

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As advanced lung cancer can drastically affect patient quality of life, a patient’s palliative care schedule can be critical for improving outcomes. Participants in this study will be randomly assigned to receive early integrated palliative care, in which patients will meet with a clinician every 4 weeks post-enrollment, or stepped palliative care, in which patients will meet will a clinician within 4 weeks of enrollment and, in the case of quality of life deterioration, meet with a clinician every 4 weeks thereafter.

The primary goal is assessing whether stepped palliative care is non-inferior to early integrated palliative care for quality of life outcomes.

For more study information, including inclusion and exclusion criteria, study locations, and contact information, visit https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03337399.

Status: This study is open and recruiting patients as of March 28, 2018.

This study is sponsored by Massachusetts General Hospital in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute.


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