Synta Pharmaceuticals announced final results from the GALAXY-1 trial for ganetespib in patients with advanced non-small lung cancer (NSCLC) with adenocarcinoma histology most likely to benefit from second-line treatment. Ganetespib is a selective inhibitor of heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90), a molecular chaperone which controls the folding and activation of a number of client proteins that drive tumor development and progression.

GALAXY-1 was a randomized, multi-center study designed to identify patient populations that are most responsive to treatment with the combination of ganetespib and docetaxel. Co-primary endpoints of the study were progression free survival (PFS) in patients with elevated LDH (eLDH) and PFS in patients with mutant KRAS (mKRAS).

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Prespecified stratification factor analysis has shown that the chemosensitive patient population, the patients diagnosed with advanced NSCLC more than 6 months prior to study entry, derived the most benefit with combination treatment. This chemosensitive population was selected for the ongoing Phase 3 GALAXY-2 trial.

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