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Prostate Cancer ADT Not Linked to Greater Cardiovascular Mortality

Androgen deprivation therapy added to radiation therapy (RT) for unfavorable-risk prostate cancer is not associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular mortality compared with RT alone, even among patients with preexisting cardiovascular disease, a study found.
Prostate gland

Ultra-High Single-Dose Radiation Therapy Tested for Prostate Cancer

In a small phase 2 trial involving men with intermediate-risk prostate cancer, a single ultra-high dose of radiation was safe and comparable to curative hypofractionated stereotactic body radiation therapy in tumor control and quality-of-life measures.
Axial T2-weighted image of the prostate demonstrates a focal T2-hypointense tumor (arrow) in the left posterolateral peripheral zone.

MRI May Have a Role in Community-Based Prostate Cancer Screening

Biparametric magnetic resonance imaging may offer advantages over PSA testing and ultrasonography by detecting more clinically significant prostate cancers without increasing the number of men advised to undergo prostate biopsies or overdiagnosed with clinically insignificant cancers.