The Capsule Invasion Scoring System (i-Cap), which measures the degree to which a renal tumor invades a pseudocapsule, may be a useful marker with clinical implications, according to an article published in The Journal of Urology.1

Researchers evaluated 327 tumors that were removed via nephrectomy; pseudocapsule invasion was measured using the i-Cap system to determine the clinical consequences of using the scoring system.

Pseudocapsule invasion levels were compared with the surgical techniques used to resect the tumors. Tumors removed by enucleation did not have higher i-Cap scores, though the pseudocapsule rims of these tumors were thinner. High rates of capsular invasion were observed at similar levels regardless of variety of surgery.

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Complete invasion was associated with papillary or higher tumor grades.

The authors concluded that the i-Cap system should be investigated further to determine the association between capsular invasion and oncological outcome.


  1. Snarskis C, Calaway AC, Wang L, et al. Standardized reporting of microscopic renal tumor margins: introduction of the renal tumor capsule invasion (i-Cap) scoring system. J Urol. In press.