Are You Confident of the Diagnosis?

What you should be alert for in the history
  • Characteristic findings on physical examination

  • Expected results of diagnostic studies [histopathology, serologic tests, genetic tests, imaging studies]

  • Diagnosis confirmation [Describe those conditions in the differential diagnosis that may reasonably mimic the diagnosis and explain their distinction]

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Who is at Risk for Developing this Disease?

*** Type Here. [include epidemiology and other risk feadsactor]

What is the Cause of the Disease?
Systemic Implications and Complications

*** Type Here. [Discuss any associated systemic disorders, etiologies associated with the specific diagnosis, and detail the appropriate work-up and management for those concerns]

Treatment Options

*** Type Here. Tabular listing of the therapeutic choices divided into medical options (subdivided into topical and systemic), surgical, and physical modalities (phototherapy, photodynamic therapy, radiation, intense pulsed light). Make the list in each subdivision in the order you would choose to treat the patient, in concert with the “therapeutic ladder” described below]

Optimal Therapeutic Approach for this Disease

*** Type Here. [Include your rationale and a stepwise approach up the so-called “therapeutic ladder” (beginning with your first treatment choices with the best efficacy and least risk, followed by your next choices that may not be as optimal from a risk/benefit perspective, and continuing onward to those options you would be least likely to choose from this perspective) ; Include what was listed in the table in the discussion; Consider how therapies may vary based on disease severity; Consider how any co-morbidities may affect your treatment decisions; Note the expected time for response to treatment and expected response rates]

Patient Management

*** Type Here. [How should the patient be monitored and followed up? What is maintenance therapy? What are the critical clinical junctures when therapy should be altered? What key information do you want to tell the patient and their family members about therapeutic options and their risk/benefit ratio?]

Unusual Clinical Scenarios to Consider in Patient Management

*** Type Here. [What unusual clinical scenarios or clinical conundrums should be considered in managing these patients? Use this section to include therapeutic knowledge that may not be readily considered]

What is the Evidence?