General description of procedure, equipment, technique

*** Type Here. (Provide a general description of the procedure and its role in diagnosis or treatment of gastrointestinal disorders)

Indications and patient selection

*** Type Here. (Describe the situations in which this procedure should be performed.)

*** Type Here. (Are there particular patient populations for which this procedure should be considered?)

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*** Type Here. (What criteria should be used to select patients for this procedure?)


***Type Here. (What factors contraindicate performance of this procedure?)

Details of how the procedure is performed

*** Type Here. (Provide a detailed description of how the procedure is performed; patient preparation; preoperative assessment; aftercare)

Interpretation of results

*** Type Here. (Discuss how the information gained from the procedure should be interpreted)

Performance characteristics of the procedure (applies only to diagnostic procedures)

*** Type Here. (What is the sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive value of the test?;what are the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure?)

Outcomes (applies only to therapeutic procedures)

*** Type Here. (Describe the reported benefits and success rates of the procedure)

Alternative and/or additional procedures to consider

*** Type Here. (What alternative procedures should be considered that provide similar diagnostic information or therapeutic results? When should they be considered? Why?)*** Type Here. (What additional procedures should be utilized if this procedure fails to provide sufficient information or is unsuccessful? )

Complications and their management

*** Type Here. (Discuss morbidity and mortality;the major complications associated with the procedure;management of these complications. Also, discuss the risk factors and patient selection)

What’s the evidence? (Provide an Annotated Bibliography. Follow the style of The New England Journal of Medicine.)