Adverse events leading to treatment discontinuation for any study drug was 10.7% in the capecitabine plus lapatinib arm and 5.9% in the T-DM1 arm; AEs leading to death on treatment was 1.0% in the capecitabine arm (CAD, multiorgan failure, coma, hydrocephalus, ARDS) and 0.2% on the T-DM1 arm (metabolic encephalopathy).

T-DM1 offers an important therapeutic option in the treatment of HER2+ MBC, Dr. Blackwell concluded. Future directions for the use of T-DM1 include defining new clinical niches in patients with HER2+ MBC, such as other T-DM1-based combinations; determining the value of adjuvant T-DM1; and exploring its mechanisms of action.

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