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The incidence of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and deaths among AML patients are increasing worldwide, according to a study presented at the NCCN 2022 Annual Conference.

The study did show that mortality-to-incidence indices (MIIs) are improving globally, but the increasing burden of AML is still “concerning,” according to researchers.

For this study, the researchers analyzed AML data from individual World Health Organization regions — Africa, Americas, Southeast Asia, European, Eastern Mediterranean, and Western Pacific — from 1990 to 2019.

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The team calculated the age‐standardized incidence rates (ASIRs), age‐standardized mortality rates (ASMRs), disability-adjusted life years (DALYs), and MIIs for AML in the different regions and globally, stratified by sex.

The total number of AML cases reported during the study period was 16,328,147, and the total number of AML deaths was 8,769,413, according to study author Alaaeldin Ahmed, MD, of Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Dr Ahmed and colleagues found that ASIRs increased globally over the study period, by 34.6% in men and 7.9% in women. ASIRs also increased in all regions. The greatest increases were seen in Africa for men (81.8%) and Southeast Asia for women (22.3%).

ASMRs increased globally, by 11.7% for men and 1.5% for women, and in all regions. The greatest increases were seen in Southeast Asia for men (18.6%) and women (12.6%). 

MIIs decreased globally over the study period, by 26.3% in men and 12.3% in women. However, the change in MIIs varied across regions.

The DALYs showed varying trends as well. Globally, DALYs increased by 1% in men and decreased by 6.9% in women. DALYs in women decreased in all regions except Southeast Asia (where there was a 3.1% increase), and DALYs in men increased in all regions except Europe (where there was a 10.4% decrease).

Based on these results, Dr Ahmed said he and his colleagues “believe that health policy and resource allocation to AML management needs attention in all regions of the world.”

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