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Adjuvant chemotherapy after cytoreductive surgery does not improve survival for patients with advanced-stage low-grade serous ovarian carcinoma (LGSOC), according to a retrospective study. 

The study was presented at the SGO 2022 Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer by Dimitrios Nasioudis, MD, of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Dr Nasioudis and colleagues evaluated data from 618 patients with stage II-IV LGSOG enrolled in the National Cancer Database between 2010 and 2015. 

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Most patients (81.1%) received adjuvant chemotherapy, but 18.9% did not. Few patients (3.6%) received anti-estrogen hormonal therapy.

The baseline characteristics were largely similar between the adjuvant and no-adjuvant chemotherapy arms. However, more patients in the no-adjuvant chemotherapy arm were non-White (P =.017) and had stage II disease (P <.001).

The median follow-up was 47.97 months. The 4-year overall survival (OS) rate was similar with adjuvant chemotherapy and without it — 77.5% and 76.1%, respectively (P =.78). 

OS outcomes remained similar when the researchers controlled for confounders, such as comorbidities, disease stage, and residual disease status (hazard ratio, 0.87; 95% CI, 0.55-1.38).

The median OS was shorter for patients with gross residual disease than for those without it — 69.82 months and 90.32 months, respectively (P <.001). This difference remained after controlling for confounders (hazard ratio, 2.25; 95% CI, 1.58-3.21). 

However, when patients were stratified by residual disease status, adjuvant chemotherapy did not improve OS for patients who achieved complete gross resection (P =.60) or for those who had gross residual disease (P =.85).

“In conclusion, 1 in 5 patients with advanced-stage low-grade serous ovarian carcinoma did not receive adjuvant chemotherapy following primary debulking surgery,” Dr Nasioudis said. “While residual disease was identified as an important prognostic factor, adjuvant chemotherapy may not be associated with a survival benefit.” 

Disclosures: Dr Nasioudis and colleagues reported having no conflicts of interest. 

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Nasioudis D, George E, Latif N, et al. Impact of adjuvant chemotherapy on the overall survival of patients with advanced stage low-grade serous ovarian carcinoma. Presented at SGO 2022; March 18-21, 2022. Abstract 130.