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The bone marrow aspirate is replaced by hypergranulated abnormal promyelocytes (MacNeal Tetrachrome 100x).

A 47-Year-Old Woman with Pancytopenia After Treatment with Radioiodine Therapy

By Justin M. Watts, MD; Peter Maslak, MD; Martin S. Tallman, MD A 47-year-old woman presented for evaluation of pancytopenia. She had been diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer 18 months earlier and underwent total thyroidectomy followed by radioiodine (I-131) ablation for nodal and small pulmonary metastases. Cumulative dose of radioactive iodine was 312 mCi. She…

A 52-Year-Old Man With a Lesion in His Nose

By Barbara Ann Burtness, MD A 52-year-old man who lives in the Midwest presents with a lesion in his nose. He has an extensive history of sun exposure and a 35 pack-year smoking history. The patient sought attention from an otolaryngologist, who cultured the lesion in the right upper medial nasal vestibule but noted “no…

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