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Patient receiving chemotherapy

Colorectal Cancer: What Your Patients Need to Know

Although many Americans are at risk of developing colorectal cancer, they may not be aware of their own specific risk factors that they could have for it. What should medical professionals be teaching their patients about on regarding the risks, symptoms, detection, and prevention of colorectal cancer?

Effects of Drugs Targeting Mitochondrial Respiration in Melanoma

Despite relying on glycolysis, there is growing evidence that many tumor types still have high levels of mitochondrial energy metabolism and functioning oxidative phosphorylation. One such subset of tumors is melanoma, potentially playing a role in both tumor progression and resistance to therapy. This has led researchers to wonder whether targeting mitochondrial respiration could be…

How Do Melanoma Comorbidities Affect Patient Treatment Preferences?

Comorbidities can have an impact on what you as a medical professional think is the best course of treatment for your patients. Can they also affect a patient’s thinking on treatment? Comorbidities such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and depression can contribute to how a patient’s body responds to treatment and its attendant stress. A recent…

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